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The camera chosen by Squadron Leader Paul Delahunt-Rimmer to use on safari in Botswana

The choice of camera* for this safari was a Sony DSC-H50 Cyber-Shot. It has a battery life of over two hours depending on what features are used such as flash. Carrying a spare battery is a good idea. A 2GB memory card was used. By editing in theatre this still allows storage of 550 images at maximum resolution before downloading.

All videos and photographs were taken with this camera for our three Botswana websites with the exception of the top header photographs on the ‘Okavango Delta Experience’, ‘An exploration by boat’ and the YouTube video on our Discovering Botswana website. The majority of these were taken by Sqn Ldr P. R. Delahunt-Rimmer, none were taken by a professional photographer. A few were taken by some people who had to be shown which way up to hold the camera! These facts demonstrate that although this camera has many clever features it can actually be just set in a ‘point and shoot’ mode and still produce remarkable photographs.

Sony DSC-H50
Sony DSC-H50

One prominent professional South African wildlife photographer on safari at the same time commended the choice of camera. With it’s 15x zoom, high definition images (9.1 Megapixels), a Carl Zeiss lens, smart zoom, burst mode sports shooting (for automatic focus on moving animals) and short movie capability, it is the perfect choice for wildlife photography.

All the ‘clever stuff’, and full features on the Sony DSC-H50 »

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